12 of Malaysia's Most Favorite Tourist Attractions You Must Visit!

Tourist Attractions in Malaysia - Vacation time you want to spend in Malaysia? Don't worry, we will give you a reference of interesting destinations in Malaysia. Malaysia also has a myriad of interesting tours and you must visit when you are on holiday in Malaysia.

The country's dominant tourist attractions are in Kuala Lumpur. Kuala Lumpur itself is the capital of Malaysia which is now the Favorite city in ASEAN.

This is because there are fantastic buildings. The Petronas twin towers with its charming Hanging Bridge make it the Kuala Lumpur City tourism icon.

1.Artistry in Kuala Lumpur City Gallery

Artistry in Kuala Lumpur City Gallery Via: mytrip123.com

This vacation spot in Malaysia is an Art Gallery that holds a large collection of very interesting art.The beauty and high artistic value can be found in the latest Malaysian tourist attraction on this one.The location of Kuala Lumpur City Gallery is near the Merdeka Square so you can visit easily. Here you can find the I Love KL Icon.The place that hits for photographs. Because many tourists who take pictures in this place to be uploaded on the Social Media network. So this place is a photo place in Malaysia that you must visit.In this Gallery you can see several things. Vidoe about the history of the City of Kuala Lumpur, City miniatures and the enchanting lighting of the room.So it's a shame if your vacation in Malaysia without visiting this one attraction.

2.Petronas Twin Towers

Yaaa, one of these Malaysian icons is a must visit. Especially if it's your first vacation to Malaysia. In fact, the Petronas Twin Towers have juxtaposed the title as the tallest tower in the world in 1998-2004, you know! However, the title has now been won by the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

The attraction of Malaysia's favorite tourist spot is the air bridge that connects 2 towers, namely on the 41st and 42nd floors. You can go to this 170 meter high Malaysian tourist destination by bus, train or rent a vehicle.

If you want to see the beauty of the sparkling lights that adorn the building as high as 88 floors, come at night. Around the building there are also green parks and fountains that can make your photo even cooler. Petronas Tower is one of the favorite destinations to celebrate the new year in Southeast Asia.

To go up to this tower, tourists must buy a ticket for RM80 for adults and RM33 for children (prices can change). From a height, you can enjoy magnificent views of Kuala Lumpur. This place opens at 9 am, but many have been lining up since 6 am because the ticket quota is limited. Understandably, this tourist spot is very popular among tourists.

3.KLCC Park

KLCC Malaysian Park is the center of Kuala Lumpur. It will feel perfect if your vacation in Malaysia Visit the center of Kuala Lumpur.You can walk or shop. Because in this KLCC you will love it if you don't visit the Mall in this area.

because KLCC is a shopping place in Malaysia that hits. You will find a very complete mall at KLCC.This shopping center is very modern. The mall building which is directly connected to the Metro under the island makes it different from the malls in Indonesia.In this KLCC area you can find luxury hotels, magnificent apartment buildings and very exotic malls. Not only that, in this area you can also find beautiful and beautiful gardens.

However, if you want a culinary tour in this place you have to spend deeply. This is because the price of food in this region is quite expensive.The cost of lodging and hotels in the KLCC region is also very expensive. So that the people in this area are only elite people with thick pockets.The KLCC icon itself is the Petronas tower with its grandeur. So don't miss it.

4.Kek Lok Si Temple

Kek Lok Si Temple Via: Malaysia.Travel

The main attraction of Kek Lok Si is the pagoda building which consists of 7 floors. The design of the pagoda at Kek Lok Si Temple is a fusion of Chinese, Thai and Burmese cultures. Inside are 10,000 Buddha statues of marble and bronze,

In addition, in the Kek Lok Si Temple complex there is also a bronze statue of Dewi Kuan Yin as high as 30.2 meters. Here you can not only worship, but also enjoy stunning natural panoramas. The entry ticket to the largest temple in Malaysia is around RM 2.

To visit Kek Lok Si, you can rent a taxi for RM 25 per person, or use a bus with a cheaper price of RM 2 to RM 3 per person.

5.The charm of the exotic Putrajaya Bridge

Via: befreetour.com

One bridge has a very exotic beauty of art. Perfect bridge lightning makes a panoramic view of the amazing presented at this Putrajaya Malaysia bridge.Night spots in Malaysia are very interesting to visit at night. Because the bridge lights are on.Make the view of the bridge very beautiful. Suitable for your photo background. The location of Putrajaya Bridge is in the Malaysian Government Complex, namely in PutraJaya. You can enjoy the beauty of Putrajaya.Only by taking a vacation package around Putrajaya at a cost of only 1 ringgit. On weekends from 11am or 3pm for 2 hours. So interesting is not it?

6. Langkawi Cable Car

The roads to Malaysia are incomplete if you haven't tried to ride the cable car to the second highest mountain peak on Langkawi. With a height of 709 meters above the sea, you will cross tropical forests and beautiful waterfalls. When the weather is clear, tourists can even see Indonesia in the southwest and Thailand in the north. The 2.2 km journey will take 20 minutes.

At the beginning of the trip to Malaysia's favorite tourist attractions, maybe you will feel tummy turmoil due to the height of this cable car. But after getting used to, the trip will feel fun because the scenery presented is so charming.

Holiday tips here are to use comfortable clothes and footwear because the journey to the suspension bridge is quite far. Langkawi Cable Car opening hours vary. For Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays open at 10; Wednesday opens at 12; and Friday-Sunday open at 9.30. However, these operating hours depend on weather conditions. If there are strong winds, service will usually be stopped.
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The distance is about 30 minutes from downtown Kuah and 15 minutes from Langkawi International Airport by taxi or private vehicle. Ticket costs vary depending on the type of gondola you ride, but range from RM30 to RM550 to rent a VIP gondola.

7.Batu Caves

The beautiful colors of Batu Caves

Malaysia's favorite tourist spot is actually a holy place for Hindus. For this reason, visitors must wear polite clothes. If you wear clothes that are open, tourists can still enter by renting fabric for rent.Batu Caves is a limestone cave consisting of 3 main caves and several small caves. The icon in Selangor has a 42-meter tall, 7-meter gold statue of Murugan, which is very iconic. To enter the cave, you have to climb 272 steps which is quite steep but instagramable because it is painted in colors.When riding, you will find many wild monkeys roaming around. Be careful because wild monkeys sometimes like to take visitors' luggage. Even so, this place is well worth a visit. Bring enough drinking water because the journey up the stairs to the top will be quite tiring.

Every year, Batu Caves are always used as a venue for the Thaipusam Festival. This celebration is one of the Hindu festivals held in Malaysia besides Deepavali. For 2019, the Thaipusam Festival will be celebrated on January 21. In other words, you still have time to order tickets to Malaysia!

In this celebration, you can see extreme rituals where people tie iron bars and metal hooks to their body skin. In fact, there are those who stick a thin iron bar through the cheeks as a symbol of the spear given by Dewi Parwati to Dewa Murugan. Hey, it's scary!

The action was carried out in the context of penance against the god Murugan. Generally, those who perform the show are in a trance alias possessed by spirits. So they don't feel pain.The location of Batu Caves is around 13 km from Kota Kuala Lumpur. To reach this place, you can use the train, bus or taxi. Batu Caves is open every day from 7am to 9pm.

8. The Habitat Penang Hill

The Habitat Penang Hill Via:Tripadvisor.co.id

Malaysia's favorite tourist attractions are very suitable as a cool family tourist destination. You can introduce nature and forests to children in a fun way. The Habitat Penang Hill is an educational tourist spot where visitors can see the forest, the beauty of the variety of flora, and the amazing sea views.

While here, you can ride The Canopy Walk to feel the sensation of walking at a height across the forest. This vehicle is made from environmentally friendly materials that do not damage the surrounding plants and flora, you know. You can also ride other rides such as Butterfly Bank, The Red Garden, and Fragrance Garden.

To enter this tour, visitors can take a cable car from the foot of Bukit Penang. The Habitat Hill entrance ticket is around RM30 to RM50 and is open from 9 am to 7 pm.

9.Enchanting Kuala Lumpur Tower

You can visit this hunting spot in Malaysia easily because you can take a Monorail or a public Bus. In this place there are also free Bus facilities that you can enjoy. Namely with "Purple Line" and "Green Line".

Cool again you can see the panorama of the City of Kuala Lumpur from the top of the tower. Namely with a 360 degree viewpoint.Very beautiful if you visit this tower at night. Because the crowd of city lights will create an amazing view.Kuala Lumpur tower height reaches 420 meters. Wow! Not bad right? You can ride this one menera with a fare of around 40 RM.Even more special at the top of this tower is a restaurant. You can use it to eat food while looking at views of the city from above the height.It's an experience that can't be forgotten. So you must visit the tourist attractions of the city of Kuala Lumpur on this one.

10. Genting Highland

In Genting Highland, you can find a variety of interesting tours. Ranging from lodging, restaurants with local and international culinary choices, casinos, playgrounds, nature tours, to shopping tours. You don't need to go all the way to Las Vegas, because this place is no less glamorous and happy.

The location is about 51 km from downtown Kuala Lumpur. To reach this leading Malaysian tourist spot, you can use Express Bus transportation with one-way tickets. When riding a vehicle, you can stop at Awana and continue the journey to the top by cable car.

Genting Highland is dubbed the city of entertainment or City of Entertainment because there are so many tourist choices. Holiday tips to Genting Highland Make it cool to bring enough money. Do not get far to here, can not enjoy and visit all the existing facilities.

11.Redang Island

Redang Island is a tourist spot in Malaysia which is popular among diving lovers. Located in the South China Sea, this island is also part of the Trengganu Marine Park, Malaysia.

To reach this place, you can use a ship with a ticket price of around RM 40. The trip using a boat from Tanjung Merang takes about 40 minutes. If you want to be faster, you can use an airplane with a ticket for RM 250.

Besides having many favorite spots for diving, the sea around the island is very clear. From the mainland we can see a variety of beautiful and amazing marine life. If you visit this place, you have to spend quite deep, because the price of room rent on Redang Island is quite expensive.The high price of rental accommodation in this area because almost all resorts on Redang Island have snorkeling and diving facilities.And if you want to take photos under the sea, you can rent a camera that can be used in water, for RM 30 per day.

12. Legoland Malaysia

This tourist destination is a paradise for children. The most popular playground in Malaysia has 2 rides for visitors to choose from, namely Legoland Theme Park and Legoland Water Park. If you want to visit both of them at the same time, you can buy a canal ticket for RM289 (adults) and RM240 (children) for 2 days. Whereas if you only want a day's vacation, it costs RM239 (adults) and RM190 (children).

Legoland Malaysia is unique in that the building is designed similar to the Lego stack. Malaysia's favorite tourist facilities are complete with exciting games. Legoland is open from 10 am to 6 pm.

To get here, you can take a plane through Singapore's Senai or Changi Airport, then connect with other vehicles. When departing from Kuala Lumpur, you can rent a vehicle, the distance is about 4 hours.

That's the review of 12 tourist attractions in Malaysia. Before going on vacation, make sure you have enough information, so that when traveling in a foreign land later, you avoid things that are not desirable. Have a good vacation!

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